The start of a trellis

The start of a trellis

This is some bamboo growing in my backyard. I’ve decided to thin it a bit and use the thinned bamboo to make a trellis.





I’m embarrassed to say that I have never cleaned up my raspberries.  I’ve just sort of let them go and do what they are going to do.  However, now that I have Thing 1 and Thing 2, whom absolutely adore them, I feel I must give these lovely berries the best chance possible to produce as many as they can. 

It took longer than normal, as does most everything I do with my feral jackals “helping”, it was sooooo worth it.  Next I’ll stake them up and put bark or maybe some mulch down to help make it look finished. 

Seedling Progress

Seedling Progress

My Tomato Seedlings

I started roughly 150 tomato seeds on February 1st and this is how they look today. Along with the tomatoes, I planted a variety of other seeds, both vegetables and flowers. My goal this summer is to only grow what I’ve started from seed. I definitely do not have enough space to plant every seedling so I’ll be re-homing a few…