Squash deja vu

WP_20130501_005 WP_20130501_002After a little unfortunate decision, I had to my replant my squash…  This year has been a series of trying out different things, sometimes failing.  This was an fail.  I thought I would try putting out the tray of different squash, still in their growing tray, outside.  It had been happily growing in the outdoor kitchen for a week and I figured since the weather was going to be warm it was ok.  That particular night obviously dipped a little too cold for their liking and they wilted.  Uuuggghhh!!!  Oh well, I learned to watch the weather a little more closely.

So last night, while the hubs distracted Thing 1 and Thing 2, I planted another tray of zucchini, crookneck squash, straightneck squash, Bolognese squash, white Italian squash, 8 ball squash, patty pans, and Italian striped squash.  To speed things up, I put them on the heating pad inside.  Hopefully in a few days they will sprout.


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