Pulled Pork in the Crock Pot

Today is such a gorgeous day I have no desire to make a big dinner that requires me to be in the kitchen for more than a Nano second.  I had a slow cooker years ago, but hated it.  My issue was just leaving it alone.  I liked to stir and have interactive cooking.  A slow cooker is the absolute opposite of that…  Fast forward several years and I have another Crock Pot.  The difference this time?  I love it!!!  I love being able to put something in there, leave it, and then come back hours later to cooked food.  Who would have ever thought?  One of these days I’ll do a post on the good old pressure cooker….

This pulled pork recipe has got to be as simple as it gets.  Now you can make it more complicated and make homemade barbeque sauce, which I have and it’s super yummalicous, but today I don’t want to make the effort.


4-5 pound pork should roast

1 very large onion

garlic ( I use a lot because my family LOVES garlic, but use what your family likes)

1 1/2 c water

1-2 bottles (depending how saucy you like it) of your favorite barbeque sauce, or go all crazy fancy and make your own

Quarter the onion and put half on the bottom of the slow cooker along with half the garlic.  Put the pork on top and top with the rest of the onion and garlic.  Add the water.  Cook on low for 8-10 hours.


After the 8-10 hours, remove the meat and discard the onions and garlic.  I like to reserve about 1/2 cup of the defatted cooking liquid.  When the meat is cool enough for you to comfortably work with, pull it apart so it’s shredded.  Add the shredded port back to the slow cooker, along with the barbeque sauce and the 1/2 c defatted cooking liquid, if you are using.  Cook for another 1-2 hours on low.

How easy right?

I always make a simple coleslaw to go with it.  What I call coleslaw for this recipe is not what a lot of people think it to be.  I don’t use a formal recipe, just make it and taste it as I go….

1/4 head of red cabbage

1/4 head of green cabbage

1 large carrot

1/2 red onion

2/3 c sugar

1/2 c vinegar (if you use rice wine vinegar decrease the sugar a bit)

salt and pepper to taste

Shred the cabbages, carrot and red onion.  Mix the sugar, vinegar, salt and pepper in a separate bowl until the sugar is dissolved.  The measurements I use give a more tart vinegar taste, if you like it a little on the sweeter side add more sugar.  Poor the dressing over the vegetable and let marinate for a few hours.

I love the tartness of this with the sweet from the barbeque sauce.  If you make this, and I think you should, I hope you enjoy it!!


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