Do You Grind?

Your own meat that is….

A few years ago the hubs bought me a meat grinder, I was both excited and nervous, I mean who hasn’t seen a horror movie where someone gets their hand caught in the food grinder.  It was a bit intimidating, so I really didn’t use it much.  But when I did, I loved the results.  I would get a bunch of meat, beef, chicken, pork, mystery, whatever and go to town.  Then that whole “pink slime” thing happened and I really wanted to grind my own. 

However, there are some days when I just don’t want to take the grinder out, put it together, but mostly, take it apart and clean it.  There’s always pros and cons to everything, right?  So on days that I want some hamburger, or whatever kind of meat, I use the food processor.  Does anyone else do this?  I love it!!  It’s definitely not the route to go if you are doing a large amount of meat, unless of course it’s your only option. 

Many years ago I befriended my local butcher and he would give me tips on how to use different meat.  One of the tips he gave me was for what he called “the best burgers ever”.  He would use sirloin and chuck ground together.  I have made them, and I will say they are mighty tasty, but last night I only had sirloin.


So I took a big sirloin roast, which happened to be on sale, and went to work.  *Frugal Tip*  Buy your favorite meat on sale and plan on doing a little grinding party.  Bag it up in amounts you will use and freeze it.  That way, you are not stopping off to get meat at full price.


Cut the meat up into chunks, about one inch is what my food processor likes, making sure to trim off any tough sinew..  Pop them in the freezer for 30 or so minutes to make it a little easier on your processor (if you are using chicken/turkey I would really recommend freezing.  Since the meat is softer it will get mushy very quick if you get a little too cray-cray with processor).  If you don’t have the extra 30 minutes it will still work, just go in smaller batches.


What comes out is a little different than when you use a grinder, but not so much so that it doesn’t work for all the recipes you would use ground meat.  Also, just as with a grinder, if you wanted to add onions, garlic, whatever to your meat as you grind it, that will still work with the processor.


With this meat I made burgers.  The rest was put into the freezer for later use. 

Happy Grinding!!




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