Garden Glimps

Today I did a series of backyard pictures.  I walked in a circle and just started taking them.  I thought about waiting until I picked up all the kids’ toys, garden tools, bags of soil, etc., but that’s not very “real”.


This is my raised herb bed.  I have parsley, chives (two varieties), sage, oregano, salad burnet, and thyme growing.  I have to trim back the sage and oregano every year or it will take over the entire space.  One goal I have for this year is to get better at using the sage, oregano and thyme.  Why am I growing it if I’m not going to use it?  I have herbs growing in a few pots around the yard that I really need to use also.


This is the newest garden bed.  Previously, there was a shed here that housed the lawn mower and random garden tools.  This gets tons of sun so I planted artichokes, peppers, strawberries, honeysuckle, and a dahlia.  We shall see how this one goes.  It’s all a learning process, so this might not be it’s final look.


My beloved mint.  I planted this several years ago with four different varieties of mint.  The spearmint took over and pretty much choked out everything else.  I was able to salvage some chocolate mint and now have that growing in weird places that I don’t mind it being invasive.


I like to make my own mix for my garden.  After taking a soil class I fell in love with coconut coir.  I mix that with Miracle Grow potting soil, so far it’s working great.


This part of the side fence does not get sun so I planted some celery in the long planter and broccoli raab in the round container.


We put these beds in this spring, and I’m still deciding what exactly to plant in them.  I think the center I will plant four squash.  The side ones probably peppers, cucumbers and eggplants.  Right now, I have a couple red cabbage, some radicchio, radishes, and spinach.  The containers have peas, both snow and snap.


My neighbor had some whiskey barrels he was no longer using so I bartered with him, and now they are mine!!  This one has a tomato and two peppers, cayenne and jalapeno, I believe.  I used the other barrel to plant two blueberry bushes, it’s located in the side yard.  I made sure to pick several different varieties of blueberries that matured at different times during the season.


This is part of the back fence line.  In front of the shrubs I planted some broccoli and a pumpkin plant.  Not sure how well they will do, but like I say…it’s a learning process.


This is a continuation of the back fence.  The scraggly grass used to be this big clump of grass, not even sure where it came from.  I liked it for a long time since it gave the birds and squirrels a place to hide from the hawks.  However, it gets great sun and would be better used growing vegetables.  I’ve planted some sunflowers, an artichoke and in the space where there is still grass I plan on putting a squash.


These are my raspberries.  I finally, after five years, cleaned them up.  They were a huge mess!!  I staked them up, fertilized them, then planted some broccoli, celery and peas in front.


This container is the start of the other side fence.   I have celery, carrots, and leeks planted.  So far they are doing pretty well.


These are my two artichoke plants that have survived from last year.  The third plant did not survive.  Next to them are the garlic, leeks and an onion still going from last year.  I just don’t have the hear to pull the little guy…


This pic is really dark so I’ll have to get a better picture, but when you are hurrying I guess this is what you get….  Anyway, this the original garden beds.  It’s hard to see, but I have little sprouts finally appearing!!  I did Chinese cabbage, rutabagas, beets, spinach, carrots, radishes and buttercrunch lettuce in the bed next to the artichokes.  The beds after that have more broccoli (went a little overboard with it…) cabbage, swiss chard, broccoli raab, spinach, radishes and a few more carrots.  Right next to this bed I made a stone bed.  I wanted to do all lettuce in it since the sun exposure is not great, however, the birds have found this and I can’t grow lettuce beyond about half and inch.  They just mow the stuff down.  Arrgggg!!!


The front of the outdoor kitchen gets a lot of sun so that’s where I put several tomato plants.  The tomato cage on the far right was one I made from the bamboo in my yard.  I also have quite a few planters with, I’ll give you one guess, broccoli, as well as peppers, and a few other random veggies.


No suburban garden is complete without a wisteria growing over the gate…

I think next time I’ll get a picture of the whole back yard from one of the upper windows.  Also, I’ll get close ups of the plants, and make sure the pictures are not too dark.  Remember, it’s all a learning process…

Time to go watch some Real Housewives of Orange County!


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