Crispy Fried Beef, yes, I’ll have a second helping…

There are some dishes that are easy and super yummalicious, and this is one of them.  With very minimal effort you get something that tastes more difficult than it actually was.

I had some beef that I needed to do something with, and this came to mind.  You could definitely use chicken in place of the beef and it would be just as delicious.  Heck, you could probably get all vegetarian and use tofu…

For the sauce you need all of three ingredients, yes three…


2 tbsp. soy sauce (normally I use low sodium)

1/2 c. sweet chili sauce

1 orange, zested and juiced

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and let cook over medium for about 20 minutes.  I like the sauce to cook down just a bit so it’s not as runny.  You don’t want it to boil, or it will burn, just let it simmer.

Next prepare the meat.  Almost any kind of beef will work.  For the amount of sauce above, use one pound of meat.

You will need:


Peanut oil for frying

1/4 c. cornstarch

1 lb. of beef

Slice the beef into thin strips and coat with the cornstarch.  Make sure all the pieces are coated, this will give you the crunchy texture.  If you substitute flour it will not be as crunchy.  Heat up the oil and fry the meat until it’s slightly browned on the outside, just a few minutes.

Now this next part is tricky, so pay attention… Mix the meat and the sauce.  Depending on how saucy you like it,  you might just want to drizzle it or completely drench it.


This dish is best served with a salad.  The salad should have some cilantro (unless you are one of those freaks that hates cilantro because it tastes like soap), cucumber, carrots, red pepper and green onions served over lettuce.  I like to dress my salad simply with a splash of rice wine vinegar, no oil, just the vinegar.


Serve with rice and enjoy!!


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