Getting Crafty in the Garden

After seeing all the stacked planters, where you put the biggest on the bottom, then medium sized then small, I decided I wanted to do a space saver idea and make a hanging “stacked” planter.  However, I used the same size pot, but it would work with the small, medium, large idea also.


For my hanging planter I used three identical 6″ planters and some gardening rope (must be thin enough to go through the watering hole, but not thick enough to slip back when tied in a knot).

WP_20130517_003 WP_20130517_006

Tie a knot and slide the first planter down the rope.  I measured 8 inches from the inside bottom of the planter to the beginning of the next knot.


Make another knot and slide second planter down, repeat for the third planter.

Depending on where you plan on hanging your planter will determine how long you want the rope coming out of the top planter.

WP_20130517_014 WP_20130517_016

I did about 13 inches, which will work for where I’m putting the planter.


Fill with dirt.  They will be a little wonky until you pack the dirt.  If you want it to remain more whimsical just don’t pack the dirt tight around the rope, otherwise do so.

WP_20130517_010 WP_20130517_012

Start adding plants.  For the top I put little Johnny Jump-Ups, the delicate little ivy flowers (I’ll have to look up the name, I just don’t remember right now), and some thyme cuttings.  For the second I put some sedums.  The third, well I haven’t decided.  I just wanted to get a few plants in to see how it would look.  You never know, the ones I planted might get the boot and be replaced…


I think after I fill in the bottom planter, this will be a great addition to the garden.

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