Crispy Sticks of Love

I love tempura, however, not so much when it’s goopy, doughy or super greasy.  The recipes for making it at home varied quite a bit in the results you got.  Some were pretty good, others were downright bad.  After seeing a picture on Pinterest with some really crispy looking green beans I thought I would give it a whirl… It was pretty good, but it had way too much seasoning in it for my liking.  Also, the liquid amount seemed a tad high since the batter would drip right off the bean.  After adjusting the liquid amount, and changing it from beer to club soda, getting rid of all seasoning except some salt, I am happy with these crispy sticks of love!!


What you will need”

3/4 c. rice flour

3/4 c. club soda

1 tsp. salt

1 lb. green beans

Oil for frying

Heat oil to 375 F.  Mix the all the ingredients, except the green beans.  Make sure your green beans are dry when you put them into your batter.  The extra water on the beans will make the batter too runny.

Coat each bean with batter, then gently, but carefully, place it in the oil.  Don’t fry too many at one time, they will stick together and become a mess.  Cook until they are golden, but not dark at all.  They will burn easily and it happens faster than you think.  Drain on some paper towels, sprinkle with salt if desired, but not necessary.  I like eating these as is, but if you want you can make a simple tempura dipping sauce.




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