Blogging, Facebook, and Websites Oh My!!

When I got the idea to start a Facebook page for The Real Housewife of Suburbia I wanted it more to post random things about my garden, cooking and little projects around the house.  Then I wanted a blog to have more options for posting, and that led to the website.  Bottom line, it’s hard work.  These people that have blogs and websites that they post to nonstop are cray cray!  I’m sure they are much more tech savvy than myself, heck, I just learned how to make a hyperlink just two weeks ago.  Now it’s one less thing I have to ask the hubs to do for me when he gets home from work.

Things take longer to do when you are trying to take pictures of every step, which is why I don’t do a massive clean-up beforehand.  There are pictures with hoses in the foreground, a random pet (even though we don’t technically have any), weeds in the grass etc… and guess what?  I’m ok with that.  After all, I’m a REAL housewife.  I may joke about wanting to be Ina Garten, but let’s be realistic, I don’t have a staff that follows me around.  What I have following me around are two little mess makers.  I’m their staff!!

My hope is that I’ll get quicker at all of this,  I’ll get more organized, maybe even make a list or two about what to post.  For now, I’ll just keep chugging along, asking the hubs for help and taking pictures that have signs of my REAL life.


2 thoughts on “Blogging, Facebook, and Websites Oh My!!

  1. “cray cray” >> HAHA!!! so true. they’re obsessed, they spend ALL their time doing it. My girlfriend runs a coupon site (not coupon project another one) and i went to visit her and she didn’t even talk to me the whole time, she just sat there blogging. it was totally weird. her blog has TONS of posts day and night tho. i love your blog name.

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