Garden Glimpse

This year I wanted to document my garden with photos and a little journal that I started, hasn’t happened quite like I had hoped.  Tonight I made the effort to snap a few pictures of the garden areas and caught one of one of the raccoons that comes to the backyard.  Gardening is work, work I enjoy, but still work.  It’s time consuming but hopefully in the end you are rewarded with a bounty that shows you just why you do the work.  The past few years my garden really hasn’t been successful.  The reality is, having infant twins is not conducive to having a lush and productive garden, it’s just not.  But now that they are in the lovely toddler phase and are able to play outside while I garden it’s becoming a little, and I stress little, more easy.

WP_20130528_024 WP_20130528_026

This is one of the two areas of garden beds.  I don’t have them completely planted, partly because space is at a premium and I don’t want to waste it with vegetables we won’t really use.  I have to keep in mind the sun exposure, how big each plant will get and what goes well with what…. uuuggghhhh, so much to think  about!!  I’ve gone a little container crazy, but it helps me extend the growing area.  I’m hoping to really do well this year.  Another reason I want to take pictures and make notes, so I can have a reference for future growing seasons.


Thanks to our neighbor, we have these super neat whiskey barrels.  I have tomatoes, peppers and eggplants planted in them.  I still have two more to plant, and I’m obsessing over what to plant in them.


Along with the whiskey barrels I’ve been using all the planters that normally I would plant flowers and used them for vegetables.  I also picked up some plain five gallon black containers at Home Depot to add even more container craziness.


This bed is still chugging along.  I have a dahlia in the back right and a honeysuckle next to that.  In the middle are artichokes, front are a mix of cilantro and strawberries, on the side is radicchio.  I’m hoping this fills in…


My raspberries are filling wonderfully.  I still need to fix the wire that holds them up.  I had originally used twine, however, Stinky the squirrel decided she wanted it for her nest and chewed it off.


One of the regular visitors of my yard…

WP_20130528_048 WP_20130528_033

These are the beds on the other side of the yard.  The lettuce bed is still looking very sparse thanks to the birds.  They just love the lettuce seedlings.  The other beds are growing pretty well.  I even harvested some bok choy for dinner last night.

WP_20130528_031 WP_20130528_030

My beautiful artichokes!!!  These beauties are from last year, the first time I’ve actually had ones survive the winter.  And look at that treasure just starting to grow…  These plants are huge, so huge they are overwhelming the leeks.


We have so many bees working in the yard.  I love it!!!  When you get near this particular sage plant all you hear is the buzzing.


I really need to trim the sage since it’s getting so big nothing else is getting a chance to grow.  There are little herb seedlings growing in the cracks of the pavers, along with some little flowers.  I’ve decided that I like the look and won’t pick them.


The tomatoes I planted very early in the season are doing great.  Two of them, I believe the cherry and roma, even have flowers.  I am so hoping for tons of tomatoes this year.

I’m definitely a little behind in where I wanted to be, but I think the garden can still be successful.  I need to take advantage of the nice days and get more done.  Trying to juggle everything I want and need to get done can be challenging, so I try not to stress too much about it.

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