Happy Father’s Day

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of my dad.  I have several pictures of him around the house that I pass and one that sits right next to my desk.  He’s been gone a long time now and I treasure memories, but what I find strange is that I really don’t remember many Father’s Days.  The one I do remember is the last one.  I had purchased two cards, one was a lighthearted “you’re a great dad” kind of card and the other was a mushy “thank you for being the best dad and always being there for my” type.  We were never the type of family that oozed our emotions, telling each other we loved them every day.  But we knew.  So I opted for the lighthearted card, thinking to myself, I’ll give him the mushy one next year.  Little did I know there wouldn’t be a next year.  This isn’t something I obsess about or hold huge regret in my heart, but it does pop into my head once a year…

I was truly the lottery winner when it came to dads.  He was the best dad a person could have ever asked for.  I could go on and on about all the qualities he had that made him wonderful, but just stating he was the best dad is enough.  Go hug your dads, papas, babas, babbos, tas, or whatever he is referred to in your home.  Screw the tie and give him a tight hug and a big wet smooch!!!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!  I’ll give you that card when I see you again someday…


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