Fruit Roll-Ups


My kids adore fruit roll-ups.  And if truth be told, so do I.  What I don’t like are some of the ingredients that are in those things.  I bought a food dehydrator earlier this year and have made several batches.  At first I used different recipes, but now I just wing it.  I don’t add sugar and I honestly don’t measure anything.  I simply use the fruit I have on hand.   Blend the heck out of it.  Add a little lemon juice (I don’t even measure this, but I would guess it’s about 1 tbsp. for every blender full of fruit)  Then I simmer it on the stove for about 10 minutes.  After that, in it goes to the dehydrator and a few hours later I have fruit roll-ups.  When my kids see the dehydrator out they get all excited.  They are not as sweet as the boxed type or most of the other homemade ones, but my kids really don’t miss that.  If you use some fruits that will add some natural sugar you will be fine.  Mangos, apples, bananas, pineapples are a few that I add in with strawberries and raspberries to make them a little sweeter.

And, if by chance, you happen to forget you have the fruit in the dehydrator and it gets a little past the fruit roll-up stage don’t worry…. real moms like me just call them fruit crunchies and they are just as loved!!  Kind of like the time I was making homemade potato chips but cut them too thick.  They were too thick to be chips too thin to be fries so they became frips.  The kids loved them.


I bought this food dehydrator earlier year and I love it.


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