Garden Glimpse 6/19/13

I was hoping to get these up sooner, but hey, I’m a REAL housewife so time was an issue…  Better late than never, right?  Even in just a week my garden does look a bit different from these, but this will do for now…


We have two gates to our yard, this entrance is the one that gets used most often so this is where this garden glimpse will start.  I don’t have perfection in my yard, I have a work in progress.  In fact, it will pretty much always be a work in progress.  But welcome!!

DSC01462 (1) DSC01463 DSC01516 (1)

The whiskey barrels are really filling in.  I think next year I will change the location of them.  The way they are set up the tomato plants cast a heavy shadow on the smaller plants and I think that is going to affect their growth.  I’m pondering if I should move some of the eggplants to a sunnier spot.  When we finally get some sun again I will see how much they get in their current location, then decide.

DSC01471 (1) DSC01470 DSC01468 (1)

The newest raised bed garden is starting to take shape.  The tomatoes that I planted in containers in front of it are looking beautiful.  I’m really hoping for more tomatoes than I’ll know what to do with.  The zucchini that are planted in the bed are slowly growing, but the patty pan that I put in a container as an experiment is really taking off.

DSC01472 (1)

My little random patch, as I like to call it, is looking a little sad but I’m not giving up on it just yet.  There are two problems plaguing this area, for one, there is some kind of underground animal wreaking havoc with its large tunnels.  These tunnels are freaking huge!!  I keep saying I’m going to put our part-time cat in one and see if she catches anything, and yes, they are that big!!  Second, this is where all the water from the slide drains.  So it gets quite the watering on every sunny day.  It’s trying to survive, but we shall see.

WP_20130326_009 DSC01485 DSC01475 (1)

Look how far my raspberries have come!!  The picture on the left was taken the day I finally cleaned them up.  I took all the dead stalks out, raked it and put fertilized and put new soil around the base.  My daughter LOVES the golden raspberries.  We had planted three different types of raspberries several years ago and this is what choked out the others.  The season is so short that we are out there every day, even in the rain, to get these golden treasures.


I refer to this garden bed as the dead lands.  I cannot get anything to grow here.  NOTHING!!!  I’ve planted lettuce, peas, beans, a zillion different types of greens and nothing grows.  Not sure what the dealio is since I used the same soil, same fertilizer same everything.  HHhmmm, must think more about this one.

DSC01482 (1) DSC01483 DSC01474 (1) DSC01480 (1) DSC01479 (1)

This raised garden bed is in several states… This is where my gorgeous artichokes reside as well as my Chinese greens, carrots, beets, rutabagas, turnips, some lettuce, kale, celery, broccoli (didn’t do well at all this year), a few stray tomatoes, and a few other random vegetables.  In person, I think it looks a little more healthy, but maybe that’s me.

DSC01477 (1) DSC01476 (1)

Oh these are just lovely to me….no need to say more.

DSC01489 DSC01488 (1) DSC01490 DSC01503

More tomatoes…

DSC01512 DSC01508 (1) DSC01509 DSC01506 DSC01484DSC01473 (1)

Some of the fruit growing around the yard. The fig tree is getting so tall and full of fruit.  I don’t even like figs, thankfully my neighbor does.  The blueberries seem to be liking their home in the whiskey barrel.  The grapes are going to be crazy this year.  I love these grapes!!!  And the cherries that the birds are so fond of, I’ll never get any of these.  Those little gems peeking through….those are the Asian apples.  My kids go crazy for them.  When they are ready to eat, my kids hover around the tree like hyenas waiting for a kill….

DSC01497 DSC01496 DSC01495 DSC01494 (1) DSC01493 DSC01492 DSC01500 DSC01486 (1)

The herbs… the thai basil is still looking like it’s having a rough start, but I’m hoping it finishes strong.  The Italian basil is doing great.  Not sure what I’ll do with the shiso leaves, but they just looked really interesting and I wanted to give them a whirl.  I think this might be the last year I have to haul the bay tree into the garage for the winter.  It has really taken off and getting a nice woody trunk.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  I really do use it and would hate to have to start over with another one.  The lemon verbena at the base of it will need to be transplanted to it’s own pot.  I’m hoping to winter if over again.

DSC01513 DSC01514 DSC01511 DSC01510 (1)

I don’t just grow vegetables, I do like some color with flowers and shrubs.  I’ve never had hostas as big as these.  They started in little containers and just went buck wild.  The clematis started from a little root in one of those bags and now it’s huge.  I would have to do a better picture while it’s in full bloom to really show its size.  It’s so pretty.  And of course you have to have a few Lilies when your daughter’s name is Lily…

DSC01501 DSC01502

In the outdoor kitchen I have three Meyer lemon trees.  They bloomed like crazy last month which left a bunch of little lemon starts.  Several of them dropped off, but from what I read, that is normal.  I also have some Angel’s Trumpets growing.  I hope this one gets big, they are very interesting plants.

This was quite the long garden glimpse and I still feel like I left a few pictures out….  Now that I have the hang of transferring my photos I’ll do another one much sooner.

Go get dirty my friends!!!


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