Propagating Tomatoes

I love when an accident turns into something good.  A few days ago I was putting a different style of tomato cage around one of  tomatoes when I accidentally bumped a branch hard enough to break it off.  The plant is big enough that you would never notice where it came from, but it still annoyed me to lose such a nice branch with flowers.  I remembered something this guy teaching a soil class had said about propagating plants and how he did tomatoes all the time.  So I got a cup with water and put the broken branch right on in.  And guess what…..

DSC01534 DSC01535

Within two days those gorgeous roots started to grow.  So now I’m thinking it’s time to start propagating some more tomatoes.  Why in the world have I not done this before?  I will only take from my big healthy plants, which luckily are most of them.


Right now, as you can see in the picture above, it’s just sitting in a glass.  I don’t have it sitting in the sun, this was just for the picture.  It’s in my outdoor kitchen where it gets light but not direct light.  So far it seems pretty happy.  I’m hoping it stays just as happy when I put it in some potting medium.  I’m going to do like the guy who taught me this did and put it in coconut coir.  I’m in love with that stuff…  Keep your fingers crossed that in a few weeks I’ll be posting about my big beautiful tomato plant that grew from an accident!


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