When I was moving the lawn this morning I noticed my figs seemed ready.  I’m not a fig fan, but I love the leaves of the tree which is why I grow it.  So I decided that I would try to get creative and do something other than let them rot and drop off.  I really don’t know the exact variety of fig I’m growing, but I’m sure with a little research I could quickly find out.

So after mowing the lawn the babies and I headed out to pick figs.  My kids had no clue what they were or that they could be eaten.  When I showed them they looked at me like I was trying to get them to eat poop.  It just wasn’t happening.  My son did find a use for them….they fit perfectly in his hand and could be thrown with ease.  He just laughed and laughed as he picked and threw.  Not to miss any fun, my daughter had to join in.

The above picture is the figs that were spared being tossed.  I might even get all farmer and pull out a ladder to get the top figs.

Now what to do with them…. Any suggestions?


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