Another Lobster? Why Yes, Thank You!!!

This weekend I flew to Rhode Island to visit my friend, Sip’n Dip for her 40th birthday party.  I would like to say she didn’t know I was coming, but I think she might have suspected it.  The end was the same, spending time with her and her family celebrating a milestone!!  Her husband, Big Stuffy, was in on the secret since I thought someone in the house should know.

I’ve never been to Rhode Island so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What I did know, was that in the three days I was there I needed to consume some seafood.  What I didn’t know, was just how much I would consume…  She had ads to various stores on her coffee table, so of course I went through them.  I like seeing just what people are paying for things and what different stores offer.  Right on the front was something I couldn’t believe.  Lobsters 4.99 lb.  I had to blink a few times to see if I was reading that correctly, and I was.  I thought these must be some freaky “lobsters” that nobody ate, they couldn’t possibly be the good ones.  Oh no my friend, these were the real deal.  I about passed out.  Here in the Pacific Northwest we would never find lobsters at that price.  They would be sold out in the first ten minutes.  Apparently, this is not the case in Rhode Island.

The first night we ate twelve lobsters, yes, twelve… I even bought 6 more to take back to her house (we ate the first 12 at her sister’s home), the next day I bought another 6.  I told her that I was going to eat as many lobsters as I possibly could while in the oh so beautiful state.  I thought for sure I could get to 30, but alas, I didn’t.  Her kids, Little Stuffy and Quahog thought I was crazy!!  And rightfully so…

live lobsters lobster breakfast lobster lobster2 lobster3 lobsterroll

I mostly ate them steamed with butter, but I did make a lobster roll.  Aren’t they just gorgeous?  Oh my goodness!!!  I kept texting pictures to my friends back home saying “more lobsters!!”

If I had stayed longer I would definitely made my 30.  I guess I have a goal for next time…


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