It’s Hatch Chile Season!!!

I have an ex boyfriend that I commonly refer to as “the evil ex”.  However, I do have to give credit where credit is due…so here’s your credit evil ex…  Thank you for introducing me to hatch chilies!!  I used to go to Arizona in August and everywhere you went there were people selling hatch chilies.  They had these huge metal tumblers with a blow torch type thing that would roasted huge batches of chilies.  You didn’t just buy a little bag full, you bought 25 and 50 pound bags full.  After seeing what you an make with them and how wonderful they taste I see why people bought them in such large quantities.  These days I don’t buy them like that.  Where I live you don’t see the metal tumblers roasting chilies, however, Whole Foods does sell them roasted if you so desire.

In this week’s ad at a local grocery store I saw my beloved chilies.  Last year I only bought about 5 pounds of them, which actually turns out to be only a few pounds of usable chili after roasting, taking the skins off and removing the seeds.  This year will be different!!!  I might even try to roast them all myself.  It’s not that difficult… you can do it on the stove top if you have a gas range, the barbecue or under the broiler in the oven.  It’s time consuming (especially after seeing them done in the metal tumbler with that huge blow torch thing), but ooooohhhhhh sooooo worth it.

hatch chilies

My last bag of chilies from the freezer….

Tonight I’ll be putting them in a chicken chili bake type dish.  I’ve seen many names for it, but I just call it whatever….  I’ll post a recipe later.  I also use them in my chili verde.  Once, I did a dip with cream cheese, Monterrey jack cheese, hatch chilies and some spices.  Really was pretty good….

The possibilities are endless with these little treasures.  I hope you can find them, and if you do, definitely pick some up.  Be sure to pick chilies that are:

-bright green, the brighter the better

-look for ones that are symmetrical in shape

-the chili should have smooth skin

-the chili should still be firm, no soft or squishy ones

-you also want it to be heavy for it’s size

Obviously if you are buying roasted chilies the above qualities will not be found.

Get creative and enjoy!!


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