Not All Playgroups Are Created Equal…

As a mom of twin toddlers I’ve had my fair share of playgroups, and let me tell you, they are not all created equal.  I’ve had some fun times, some ok times and some downright boring times.  I’ve hosted them, gone to other people’s homes and parks.  You name it, I’ve done it.  Why can’t I find a good fit?  Maybe I just don’t fit the mold…

After today’s play date I’ve decided that the current playgroup that I belong will be going by the wayside.  I just don’t fit with those women.  They bore the hell out of me and quite honestly, I don’t find them to be people I would ever gravitate towards.  This just sounds so negative and mean, but it’s my honest truth.  Maybe I should have hosted a few play date’s, or tried harder to ingratiate myself with this particular group.

One thing I’ve noticed about several of the groups that I’ve participated is their need to put on these fronts that are just so ridiculous.  Maybe I’m just at an age where I could care less if you think your kids are better than mine, your house is better than mine or any other nonsense in those lines.  I just want to hang out with tolerable people that have kids the same age as mine.  I want to do fun things that my kids will enjoy and be able to enjoy them as well in the company of other moms just raising kids that hopefully won’t turn into serial killers.

I read an article a few months back about how meeting other women in playgroups is like dating.  It totally is!!  So I guess you have to kiss or should I say play with a few toads before you find your perfect fit….  So I guess I better go find a few more playgroup toads to kiss…..


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