Who Doesn’t Bring Identification to the Airport…

That would be me!!!!!  I really thought I was all packed, had everything I needed for a fun three days in Rhode Island visiting my good friend Sip’n Dip and her family….   I walk up to check in my baggage and she says “can I see your identification”.  Right then it hit me like a freaking wild rhino in heat, I forgot my freaking driver’s license.  Can I say that the horror I felt the moment I realized I didn’t have my ID was beyond awful.   Did I burst into tears?  Nopes!!  Did I throw a fit?  Nopes!  I calmly said that I didn’t have it, but I did have my bank Visa with my picture.  She replies with “you will need to go to the special security check to see if they can help you”.  I was somewhat relieved, I mean she didn’t tell me right then and there I was out of luck, right?  It’s not like I’m just a short drive from the airport and would be able to just run home and get it, oh no… I’m 45 minutes away so I was going to hold on to any amount of hope I had…

Now, let’s keep in mind that it’s after 10pm, my hubs is home with the twin toddlers so not realistic to ask him to pack the twinadoes in the car and rush me some identification.  I had to stay calm so I wouldn’t get tased and hog tied in the airport.  Even though it felt like the temperature in the airport had just gone up 50 degrees, I tried to look calm and relaxed, all the while inside I’m freaking out.  So off I went to find the “special” security check….

I thought I better call my hubs to let him know there was a slight chance (I’m thinking big chance) that I will be coming home tonight…He thought I was kidding, but alas, I was not.  I told him I was going to hope for the best and do whatever I needed to do to get my ass on that plane!!!

I found it…..not so sure how “special” it was.  There were about 200 other people standing there looking nothing less than uber excited to be there with me.  So I trudged my way until it was my turn.  I calmly told him that I didn’t have a driver’s license or passport but I did have my bankcard with my picture.  The look on his face was priceless.  I was half (ok, maybe more than half) expecting him to ask if I had a caretaker or something in that nature.  Oh no my friend, I’m actually this dingy and I don’t get state assistance….  So he tells me that he will need to call over one of the managers and could I step to the side to wait.  So there I sat for the next thirty minutes while everyone looked at me like I was going to pull a bomb out of my shoe.  Finally, a middle aged, woman that clearly did not take crap from anyone, walked over to me.  I explained my little mishap and how I am an idiot.  To which she responded, “well most people do know to bring some form of government identification when boarding a plane”.  Her little speech did not end there, it went on for another twenty or so minutes, but felt more like 3 hours!!!  But in the end she did let me through.  I almost hugged her.  Her parting words to me “good luck pulling this in Rhode Island”.

By now I am past the boarding time on the ticket and I’m thinking, great, I get past security only to miss my flight… Little did I know the flight would be over an hour late!!  So there I sat, trying to calm myself down and regain my happy buzz, until I realize that my connecting flight in Ohio was only a 40 minute layover….if I’m already starting this an hour behind what was going to happen with that flight.

So the drama wasn’t over just yet.  When we got to Cleveland the lady at the gate was telling people that some connecting flights were getting ready to leave so we needed to hurry.  She told me they were holding the plane for me but would be leaving in a few minutes so I better run.  Um really?  I have never been to this airport and it was HUGE!!!.  I missed the little taxi guy that will drive you through the airport so it was up to my non gazelle legs to sprint to some destination I did not know.  I swear it was a mile away…. but I made it!!!  The woman at the gate casually says “it’s ok, you made it, you can calm down now.  Enjoy your flight!”  Nothing says love like a plane (I use that word very loosely, since it was more like a closet with wings) full of people glaring at you for holding up their flight.  But the best face of all…..my 350 pound seat neighbor….Thank God it was only an hour and a half flight…..



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