Hummingbirds Are Stalkers!!!


This morning as I was doing a garden walk through to see what needed to be done today I kept hearing the noise of the hummingbird.  I knew the feeder must be empty.  This bird is a freaking stalker when the food is empty.  Everywhere I went he/she (not sure what gender, note to self… must Bing that) followed, making that noise!!!  It got so ridiculous that it landed about a foot from me when I was staking up the tomatoes which had toppled over.  Those things are a whole other post!!  So after I gave my twinadoes a morning snack I quickly whipped up some of that sugary water that they find so irresistible.  Now I can garden in peace without that feathered stalker.

Making your own sugar water is so simple and so much better for the birds.  No red dye!!!  We don’t need it and they certainly don’t either.

Sugar Water Recipe:

4 parts water

1 part sugar

Heat water and sugar on the stove until hot enough to melt sugar.  Let cool, then fill your feeder


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