Roasting Hatch Chile Peppers

Once a year Hatch Chile season comes around.  Sure you can get them in those little cans, but come on, nothing beats the real deal.  It’s during this beautiful time I purchase a large amount to roast and freeze to get me through until the next Hatch season.  It’s really not that difficult to roast them yourself.  Depending on how you do it, some methods are a little more time consuming, but totally worth it.  The dishes you can make with these little treasures is endless.  Can you tell I like them?

So first you need to get your chilies.  Make sure they are in good shape, look for tight green skin, heavy for their size, no blemishes, and definitely not wrinkly.  Next pick your method of roasting.  I like to use the barbeque because I can do large batches, I can get an even roast and I can do it outside.  You can always put them under the broiler in your oven, on the stove if you have a gas range or, and I really half jokingly say this one, if you have a torch and drum you can do it like they do in stores and on the side of the road in places lucky enough to have such roadside treasures.  Lastly, get your equipment ready.  You will need a dish, bowl or some type of vessel to hold the freshly roasted peppers, some plastic wrap to cover them once roasted.  Also, a word of caution, these peppers have some heat.  That heat can burn, and the burn is not pleasant, this I know from personal experience.  Make sure you wash your hands very well when you are finished or wear gloves.  Don’t touch stuff while you are cleaning the peppers (like your face, your children’s bottles, etc…)  Now you are ready!!!


Roast the peppers until the skins have blackened.  They will start by making this popping noise, you will know you are on your way when you hear that.  Put the roasted peppers in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap for ten or so minutes.  This will make the skins just slide right off.

To freeze, you will want to clean them by removing their seeds and top.  Lay them flat in a freezer safe bag and freeze!!  Super simple.

Hhhmm, I think I better head back to the store and buy more!!


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