What I Do While My Kids Nap….


Were you expecting a picture of me napping?  Oh no my friend…when my kids lay their precious head down to nap it’s a rare day that I too take a nap or do any other activity that would be considered relaxing.  It’s this time that I get things done that two pairs of little hands “helping” would make near impossible.  Today, I weeded the area behind my original garden boxes, laid down weed fabric, then covered it with gravel.  Now, that last part… I could have filled a few wheelbarrow full and done it that way, but no, I used a 5 gallon bucket and hauled it in.  I felt it gave me better control where the rocs went.  I didn’t want it to go all cray cray…  I would say that was 2 hours of well spent time.

One day, when I want some hate male, I’ll do a post on my true feelings of people that can’t get stuff done “due to having children”.


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