The Silence of Mornings…

Around  my house silence is rare.  The twinadoes make a ridiculous amount of noise that never seems to stop.  But they are not the only noise makers, there’s the television, the hubs, kids outside etc…so in the early mornings I love just sitting alone, catching up with emails, Facebook (I need therapy for that), reading, pretty much whatever I want to do without being disturbed.  It’s so peaceful and wonderful, but usually only lasts an hour, if I’m lucky.  Even now I hear the hubs stirring….

I get a good chuckle when people say to take a nap when the twins take their nap.  I wish!!!  First, as I’m sure many parents will say, this time I need to get things done that would be impossible with four little hands trying to “help”.  Secondly, my jackals are not guaranteed nappers.  One day they might sleep, the next it’s a no go.  And they NEVER coordinate their napping length.  During naptime there is some reprieve from their noise, but I’m always “on alert” to make sure I hear if one should wake.  I’ve come to except that there really isn’t a complete down time from all of this, just different levels.

As a mom, I’ve always got one of my eyes peered to see what the twinadoes are getting into, one of my ears listening for anything that is out of place and one foot turned in the direction of their location, just in case…  No, I’m not one of those “helicopter” moms, just ask my neighbors…. but I do want to make sure I’m aware of what they are doing.  Mornings are wonderful because the hubs is home and hears them pretty easily when they stir.  This gives me the luxury of going on standby.  I can focus on other things better and not have to be so “aware” of them.

Strangely, I don’t remember the days of not having this responsibility.  And from what I’ve heard from other parents, moms in particular, you never get away from it.  You are always “on alert” for your kids.  I don’t know how single moms/dads do it.  They are extraordinary people.

My hubs laughs at me when I tell him where the kids are in the house by shushing him and listening.  Apparently my acoustic location abilities are a little better than his since unless they are blatantly noisy, he is unable to do this.  He will joke and ask if I can tell what they are wearing and holding by using this skill….  give me time, give me time….

I wasn’t even able to finish the first paragraph of this post before the first of the three other inhabitants of my home set their feet on the floor to begin their day.  That’s ok, I like my house of noise, but I do treasure my mornings of silence.


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