Do You To Do?

to do list 1

To Do lists…I’m a big fan.  It keeps me on track, well sort of and I just LOVE crossing off the tasks when they’ve been completed.  I have zillions of note pads of various sizes everywhere in my home.  Most have been found by the twinadoes and have scribblings on half their pages, but I still use them.  I do have a few that I keep guarded, they contain my recipes and ideas that I put on my blog and website.  I know I should be a little more tech savvy and put them on my computer, but this is how I roll!

I used to be addicted to Post-It notes.  I even broke up with a boyfriend (and I barely use that term with this particular person) by writing a little note and leaving it on the bathroom mirror.  Yes, not very nice, but I was young and well… not very nice!  These days my lists are for groceries, tasks, pretty much anything I can’t remember… which leads to the list my hubs made for our upcoming train do list 2

First on the list…. identification.  Forget your identification once when getting on a flight…..yeesh!!!  I learned my lesson already!!!  The hubs is a list writer too.  Not as bad as me, but he does use them.

Time to tackle today’s “To Do” list.  I’m shooting for a 70% success rate for this one, shoot high, right?



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