Couponing….Clip This!!!


I have to fess up, I got sucked in to the Extreme Couponing show and gave it a whirl…I think I gave it a good whirl too.  Every Sunday I pulled out the ads for that weeks’ sales, pulled out the coupons and looked through them.  I would see if I could match up sales with coupons and be like those coupon queens on that ridiculous show.  Then I found coupon sites on Facebook.  They did all the work for you!!  They would post deals with the coupon match ups, the only work left was to go get them.  Well, that and clip the coupons.  It kind of sucks you in, especially when you are at home with toddlers, it’s cold outside, and your mind feels like it needs a challenge.  Of course, with the matching done for me, there really wasn’t any challenge.  I think that’s really where my desire to do couponing started to fade.

Even with a waning desire to clip and save, I forged through the hubs eye rolls and sad attempts at coupon jokes, the looks of cashiers like I was trying to pull something, the disappointment of going to a store only to find they were out of whatever I was looking for.  Apparently, if you want to be successful at this couponing stuff you have to get up early and get everything.  But then the call of my garden started… The thought of running around looking for stuff I really didn’t need just became a hassle.  Besides, I did have enough laundry soap to last a year, and no, I’m not kidding.  I even gave a bunch away and still had more than enough.  Body soap, razors, shaving cream, dish soap and shampoo/conditioner was my thing.  Not sure why, maybe because I really do use a lot of that stuff.  The food stuff, well, they don’t have too many coupons for food that my family really eats.  The stuff I did buy either got used to barter with the neighbor or donated.

My coupon organization wasn’t really at the extreme couponer lever either.  I didn’t have a big binder with ten thousand slots for my coupons.  I didn’t have a room designated to cutting, sorting, filing and whatever the hell else they do with those things.  I didn’t have 72 papers delivered to my home every Sunday.  Nopes… I usually sat on the couch with my twins rolling, tearing, throwing and doing whatever they wanted with them.  Meanwhile my poor hubs would say “babies, don’t touch mama’s coupons, she needs them”.  It was actually comical.

I’ve read several blogs where people say they hate when people say it’s a game, well sorry folks, that exactly what I though of it.  It was like a puzzle, what coupon fits where to get me something I want for super cheap.  I think I needed something for my brain to figure out, something that would make me have to think about something other than diapers, naps, tantrums and everything else that goes with my twinadoes.  So feel free to scoff and say I wasn’t a real coupon because you would be correct.  I just wasn’t.

A few weekends ago we were at our friends Metalhead and Merlot’s house for a barbeque and he told me about how his post office had “tons of coupons in the recycle bin”.  I though, what the heck I’ll check it out.  I told him to take me there, so in the middle of his barbeque he drove me the mile down the road to look.  He wasn’t joking.  There were tons of them, and I spent a good 15 minutes picking them out.  Then to top if off, I had my husband stop on the way out and did the same thing.  And here’s where I knew my time as a couponer had really come to an end….of all the 50 inserts I pulled out of recycling I ended up using four Pediasure coupons.  Really?  Oh I still have my little wallet size divider that has some coupons, I’m sure quite a few are expired, and a stack of inserts from the Sunday paper.  But you know what?  I really don’t have a desire to go through them.  Oh, I still see posts from my favorite coupon site (I mean she was on Extreme Couponing), but the urge to participate just isn’t there.  In fact, I really chuckle when I see these women, and some men, talking about their 27 transactions they did to get free paper towels.  And for the record, I never did the ten zillion transactions.  Nopes, just wasn’t that into it.

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