Twins, But Not


When I found out I was having twins I started to cry, and not tears of joy, more like fear.  I then went into shock and thought, what am I going to do?  Thank goodness you have months and months to acclimate to the reality of multiple babies.  It actually became kind of exciting and set my planner self into motion…

Fast forward to week 37 1/2…Welcome twinadoes!!!  To say I was in shock when I saw my son is an understatement.  I thought for sure I was guaranteed two brown haired, brown eyed babies.  Oh no…what stared at me was this little fair skinned pasty white (albeit a little goopy with gunk) little baby boy.  WTH?  All I could think was “the next one better look like me”.  And boy did she.  When they brought my daughter to me I was overwhelmed (not to say that I wasn’t bawling with joy with my son), staring at me with the grumpiest face ever was my mini me.  Here were my twins…my little white baby and my little brown baby.  Even to this day when I tell people they are twins they give me the look of “you might want to have their DNA tested”.

From the moment they were born those two were complete opposites.  We instantly nicknamed our daughter Baby Beyoncé, and we still call her that almost three years later.  My son, he became Little Bird.  That’s exactly what he looked like, a 4 1/2 pound little bird…  Baby Beyoncé was demanding and moody, Little Bird was the little snuggle bug that just wanted attention (and food what seemed like every ten minutes).  Nowadays they have other nicknames as well, some of which I tell the hubs we need to stop using because if they somehow stick….let’s just say my son will never make it through junior high!

As they grew and I saw their personalities even more, I LOVED that they were nothing alike.  Loved that even in their complete opposition, they complimented each other beautifully.  She’s bossy, he’s content following.  She’s the aggressive go getter, he’s my little lovey lovey.

I think that sometimes people just assume that twins will look and act alike.  They are after all, two different people.  Two different minds and souls.  It seems that daily I see changes in them, at times, hourly!

Every once in a while I wonder what it would have been like to have them at different times.  I think, if they came as singles then maybe I would have had more time with each of them as infants.  But the reality, I can’t imagine them not coming together.  I’m so thankful they came together.  I hope that even in their different ways, personalities and thinking that they will always “have each other’s backs”.


One thought on “Twins, But Not

  1. This is so sweet, and so very true. I feel so lucky to have been able to spend time with them as infants and as they grew (until they outgrew Old Lady Johnson in energy!) They are amazing little people. AMAZING!

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