Easy Peasy Pickles


Yesterday the hubs and I took the kids to a local U-pick farm for some potatoes, pickles, beets and beans.  We did this last year with them and they really enjoyed it, it’s a huge place for them to run with lots of dirt!!!  We came home with a beautiful bag of cucumbers that were the perfect size for pickles.  Yesterday I scrubbed each one so they would be ready to be pickled this morning.  I’m still nervous I’m still nervous about canning, yes I know it’s sooooo easy, heard it a thousand times, so this recipe is perfect for me!!  These pickles you just leave in your refrigerator and after a few weeks you have delicious pickles.  I used a 5 liter jar for this recipe so that is what the amounts listed is calculated.

For the Recipe:

About 4 pounds of cucumbers

8 tbsp. kosher salt

2 c. white vinegar, I like mine a little more vinegary

2 tbsp. whole coriander seeds

2 tbsp. whole Allspice

2 tbsp. cloves

2 tbsp. mustard seeds

1 tbsp. anise seed

1 tbsp. fennel

1 tbsp. peppercorns

3-4 bay leaves

6 tbsp. dill (normally I use a bunch of fresh but dill at the farm wasn’t looking very good)

2 dried chilies

5-7 garlic cloves

Scrub the cucumbers, making sure you pick out any that have blemishes.  Set them aside.  In a 5 liter jar add the salt and vinegar.  I also add a little hot water that I’ve heated on the stove to help dissolve the salt.  Add the rest of the ingredients and give a good stir.  Add the cucumbers.  Then top with filtered water.  It will take a couple weeks for them to really get all good and pickly so be patient.  Store in the refrigerator.





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