Party in the Pantry….Not!!!

There was definitely no partying going on in my pantry this weekend.  It was all business.  I had had enough of the chaos in there, nothing organized, there was just no reason to where items were located.  Many times we’ve organized and straightened, but it was never completely done.  So I decided to take everything out, go through it, throw out anything expired or that we wouldn’t realistically eat.  I am amazed at what was tossed.  I was even more amazed at how easily I parted with said items.  The hubs is always joking that I’m going to be on Hoarders.  I am no where near what is seen on that show, but when you compare me to my husband, who would be perfectly happy in a bare room with just the basics, then I do look like a hoarder.

It took me over a day to do this little task, granted I was sidetracked multiple times, took breaks, etc… but it did take a lot of time.  I’m glad I did it and I’m happy with the results.  What I’m hope will come of this great clean out is that we will use the food we have, not let it go to waste, and not buy anything until we really need it.  Many times I’ve done the no grocery shopping for a month, but at the end of the month I go crazy and bring home enough groceries to make up for the month plus the new month.

Another added bonus, I think an organized pantry makes a better cook.  It seems silly, but I really believe it.  You know where your ingredients are, you can access them quickly rather than spending time searching for something you though you had, and again there’s less waste.

We’ve decided to put a childproof door handle on the pantry so the twinadoes don’t have unlimited access, which means there won’t be the usual digging, throwing, stomping,, etc. that goes on in there.  Poison Ivy thinks this organized pantry will last a day, I’m going to prove her wrong!!!

Before….pantry before pic

After…pantry clean

Time to tackle a few more tasks!!

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