Meal Planning, RHOS Style…

There will be meals, mostly consisting of meat, carbs and vegetables, that’s the plan…. meal planning in this Real Housewife of Suburbia’s home.  I’ve never been a meal planner, I don’t do a big shopping trip once a week or bi-weekly with a list of ingredients I need to make my well thought out planned meals.  Nopes, no can do.  What sounds good to me on Sunday doesn’t always appeal to me on Wednesday so how could I possibly stick to some blueprint of what I’ll be consuming over the next week or two.  And people that do it for the whole month?  Yikes!!!  I know they say you can save money by following the sales and all that, but my cravings don’t care about sales, they care about what they want that day.

In reality, if I were to try meal planning I would end up wasting more food.  I would buy food, either end up just throwing it out because it went bad or put it in the freezer with every intention of using it later.  The freezer does work for me, and not as much gets wasted, but it’s making sure it gets there before it goes bad that can sometimes be the problem.  The past few shopping trips I’ve made a conscious effort to not over buy produce.  It’s not like I live two hours from a store, but getting the twinadoes through a shopping trip for just a few items is like herding cats.  Yes, I could do it in the evenings after the hubs gets home, but by then, I really don’t want to head out to a store, I want to retreat and have some me time.

All this being said, I have my next three days of meals planned…is that funny or what?  Monday will be Japanese curry rice, Tuesday is stuffed peppers and Wednesday is breakfast.  I have everything I need for these meals thanks to my shopping trip this morning.  Will I stick to this?  Hhhmmm, I would say there’s a 50/50 chance, which is pretty good for me.

And that ends my little spew on meal planning….


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