The Uninspired Mother

Compared to the moms that have their kids in ten zillion classes, programs and activities, I’m pretty much the uninspired mother.  I’m thankful that I met Poison Ivy, she’s like this supermom that is always doing something with her kids.  She can tell you every park within a twenty mile radius, every McDonalds, zoo hours, the toddler schedule at Jump Planet…I think you see the point I’m making.  Me, I have to look this stuff up.  I don’t drive a minivan, a fact she likes to mention EVERY time we have a play date.  She goes on and on about what a perfect vehicle it is when you have kids.  Still not getting one… SUV says kid friendly all over it!!!

I know I’m not a bad mom, just uninspired.  I’m thankful for a fenced backyard that’s big enough for my kids to run crazy, trees for them to play jungle animal, and dirt and rocks.  We go to the park, but I tend to go to the same ones.  And now that the twinadoes are older, I am brave enough to take them to places that have organized activities (tried it once when they were about 18 months, once was all it took…).  Their latest activity, tumbling, was not a hit.  Maybe the woman leading the class should have read the description before coming in…. tumbling is not walking in a line and watching her do a stupid puppet show.  You know it’s bad when one of your kids gets up in the middle of it, puts on his shoes and says “mama we go home”.  It is comical to watch this woman trying to get a bunch of two and three year olds to line up quietly and follow her in a circle, none are participating, rather, they are all running crazy screaming doing their own thing.  Catch a clue lady, you bore them!!!

I would be doing more with them, if there were two of me!!  My kids are very different from each other and they don’t do the same things.  And since I can’t be in two places at once, this poses a challenge a lot of the time.  Take swimming, they both love it, but my daredevil daughter doesn’t realize that she can’t swim and that the life jacket can only do so much.  My son, he’s more timid and needs you to constantly hold him in the water.  That just doesn’t equal “doable” in my reality.  So we take them swimming when my hubs can come and we can do one parent per child.  As they get older our opportunities will grow, as they have been the past two and a half years. But until then, I’ll continue to be the uninspired mother.  I’ll do what I can with my twinadoes while still keeping my sanity.  I’ll continue to be thankful for large backyard toys, mud and of course Poison Ivy and her two kids, Batman and Robin.


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