Be Happy It’s Not Cereal…

It’s definitely one of those days where I just don’t feel like cooking, but I don’t want to order out either.  I want to eat what I already have in the house, which shouldn’t be difficult.  It’s rainy and gloomy outside, and normally that would send me into some kind of cooking fit, but not today.  Today I am spending my time finding a tree service to come deal with a few wayward trees, snuggling with the twinadoes while one watches Curious George and the other watches these ridiculously annoying YouTube videos.  Me?  I’m watching my dvr’d Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.

No, we will not be having cereal for dinner, we will be having broccoli soup from yesterday, various cheeses, charcuterie plate, sardines in different sauces and of course crackers and bread.  I’m sure some are grossing out right now, but to me, it’s a perfectly fine dinner…

What is everyone else having for dinner?


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