Garage Sales, Yes or No?

This weekend there was a city wide garage sale happening.  I had never heard of this and I’ve lived here for over six years!!  Poison Ivy informed me of this and asked if I wanted to go together.  At first I thought, heck no, all those crazy people driving around trying to find deals, then I thought, why not?  I’ll be one of those crazy people driving around looking for deals and I’ll have Poison Ivy as my tour guide.  If nothing else, the sheer comedy of the afternoon would be well worth it.  She didn’t want to go out until 10 am so I thought I would make use of the morning and get some grocery shopping done, but I never made it… I ended up going by a neighborhood that already had their signs up so I turned in.  Next thing you know it’s almost 10am and Poison Ivy was ready to join the bargain hunting.  My car was now full so we took her pimpin minivan.  I think if she died tomorrow (God forbid) she would want to be buried in the thing.

When I get to Poison Ivy’s house she is having a conversation with her six year old, asking him if she can borrow money.  Then proceeds to his room where she scours for money.  By this time I’m crying from laughing so hard, I just found this to be way too comical.  But in her defense, she didn’t want to have to drive all the way to a cash machine to get money.  Ten minutes later we were all in the minivan heading out to scour the garage sales.  I don’t even know how many we ended up going to, it was just one big blur of garage sales.  Part of me loves garage sales because you get to snoop at other people’s stuff and part loves to find a great deal.  The majority of the stuff I would say is nothing I would ever want, but every once in a while you find a real treasure.  I figured the odds were in my favor with a city wide garage sale.

After only a few sales Poison Ivy had gone through her whopping twenty dollars.  Thankfully, being the girl scout that I am (actually I was never a girl scout) I was prepared and had money for her.  Each stop was made into a good time.  We found the humor in it all, and were lucky to find some pretty cool stuff.

garage sale finds

Here are a few of my scores… a bento box for .50, a Korean pot for $2 (I scored 8 Mikasa plates at the same sale for $3, looked them up and they were going for $69 for 5), and these adorable chopsticks with little origami swans on each paper holder for .25.  One of my great scores was this canopy and pillow, but in green.  I have to give credit to Poison Ivy for spotting it, I would have walked right past it.  She actually has a good eye for stuff and showed me several things that I normally wouldn’t have given a second look.  I did end up with a car full of stuff, I did end up getting the eye roll from the hubs, but I also ended up with some pretty cool stuff.

I can honestly say I’ve never had so much fun going to garage sales, nor have I have gone to garage sales for over three hours!!!  Batman and Robin were beyond great through all of this, I was totally amazed.  My twinadoes wouldn’t have made it through the first sale….

And to think, they do this again in the spring.  Get the pimpin minivan ready Poison Ivy!!


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