My Big Cake Plans…

The twinadoes birthday is in December, which is coming upon us quite quickly, so I need to plan for their party.  For the past few months Thing 2 has been saying she wants it to be her birthday so she can have candles and now Thing 1 is obsessed with a cake.  Last year we had someone make us this cute Bubble Guppy cake since that’s what they were in to.  This year I was thinking we needed to do two cakes, but then Poison Ivy gave me the idea of a Toy Story cake, that sounded like a great idea…until she said I could do it myself.  I must say I was kind of on board with the idea, and still am for that matter, however, I’m not so sure my baking and decorating skills are up for it.

a7bb5fb60674766cc3feed972807ce49This is the cake I found on Pinterest, several times in fact, that I plan on basing my kid’s cake on.  I’ve already ordered little Toy Story figurines to use like they did and I’ll get some fondant (I’ve been watching way more youtube videos on using it than I thought possible) soon since I plan on doing a trial run cake.  Let’s just say if the test cake is a hot mess, well I’ll be moving on to plan B, which is to have an actual baker do the cake.

Will there be cursing, tears and a few drinks involved?  Uh most definitely.  Will this be one of those memories that I look back on fondly?  I sure hope so.  Will Poison Ivy be a part of this history making cake event?  She better be!!!  After all, she’s the one that gave me the idea to do it myself.


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