Grinding Meat, on a smaller scale


I recently purchased the Kitchenaid Food Grinder attachment for stand mixers, and I am glad I did.  I have a much larger meat grinder that I use when I buy a lot of meat that I want to grind and freeze.  The larger grinder is great for large jobs but kind of a pain to pull out, put together and then take down and clean.  So for smaller jobs I just can’t bring myself to do it.  Sometimes I’ll freeze whatever it is I’m wanting to grind up for 30 or so minutes then put it through the food processor.  It does a decent job and I would continue to do it that way rather than pull down the big grinder if I hadn’t bought this new attachment.

Tonight I made some chili and used the new food grinder on the roast that needed to be ground up.  It was easy to attach, take apart and clean, so it’s a keeper.  It only came with two sized plates, but that’s more than enough.  I’ll be testing out how it does on non meat items over the holiday weekend.  The hubs asked if we were going to be eating only ground up food for the next few weeks.  I told him it’s a possibility….


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