The Griswold Christmas Tree

tree decorated 2013

Normally I like to get my tree on December 1st, not sure why, just seems like a good day to do it.  However, this year we went the day after Thanksgiving, granted only a few days early, so we could enjoy it for a little longer.  One of the holiday movies we’ve been watching is The Grinch, the movie not the cartoon and thanks to that movie Thing 1 has been talking about a tree non stop, so that played a big part of getting it a tad early.

His face when we got it in the stand was priceless, one of those faces I hope to never forget (and being mom of the year I didn’t have the camera ready…uuuuggghhhh).  He was just so happy, his little face just amazed at this big tree in the house.  I was totally motivated to get the lights up and ready for decorations, which brings us to where the problem started…. I pulled out all the lights and began the task of lighting this giant ten foot monster.  Half way up as I’m getting ready to attach another string of lights the tree goes dark!!!  I thought it was just the last string of lights…oh no…. can’t be that easy.  So I start jiggling, plugging and unplugging, heck, I even tried shaking the whole tree (without success).  I took a deep breath, then took all the lights off.

I tested each strand, found one that was a tad wonky, and tossed it.  Feeling confident that I have figured out the issue, I once again start stringing the lights.  Oh no my friend, that was not the end of the issues….tree once again goes dark.  My holiday buzz was quickly wearing off, being replaced with a super annoyed you’ve got to be kidding attitude.  Off come the lights, test once again and start over.  First couple of strands are shining brightly, I’m happy as can be…then…..yup… darkness.  There might have been a few bad words come out of my mouth, followed by me declaring we were going to have an au naturel tree this year.  No lights!!!

Seeing my frustration, the hubs comes in to take over…without much luck.  Then the decision was made to replace the lights with all new ones.  Hubs heads off to the store and returns with twelve boxes of new lights!!  These are so much brighter than the original ones, I’m in love.  I go all cray cray zigzagging the lights, paying no attention to how fast I’m going through the boxes of lights, then it happens….I come to the last box and I’m only about three quarters of the way done.  The look on the hubs’ face when I told him I ran out before completing was one of shock.  “You seriously used up all those lights?”.  So off to the store he went again…

So in the end, we have our Griswold Christmas tree.  I think you can see it from space.  I might have gone a little cray cray with the lights, and might rethink using this many again next year, but my kids love it.  And that’s what counts.


2 thoughts on “The Griswold Christmas Tree

  1. That’s hilarious 🙂 I was sure the story was going to be that Thing 1 was secretly uplugged them from the wall as you were up on the ladder. I remember your other tree (last year or the year before?) which was gorgeous but they were crawling around and unplugging it. It is a gorgeous tree, Real Housewife. I wish we had room for one here! We have a fake one that decorates nicely but there’s just no room for it, so year after year it sits out in the shed with the rest of the decor. I don’t celebrate Xmas but I do LOVE all the lights and decoration and most importantly LIGHTS! And you know I have always thought your front sitting-room was the most awesome place to sit and drink (and have ferocious asthma attacks) at Xmastime. You do a fabulous job.

  2. ….also, kids are the reason to do all this stuff, if I had some or grandkids around, I’d go all-out no matter if it meant moving furniture out to make room for a tree.

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