My Decorating Epiphany

The past week or so I’ve been hooked on diy blogs where people transform their homes into stunning show pieces.  Their creativity amazes me, as well as their ingenuity to make something out of what I see as garbage (isn’t their a saying about one man’s trash…).  For hours I went on hundreds of virtual home tours, which every one of these blogs proudly displayed, as they should.  Something ignited in me, not sure what, but it was lit.  Walking around my house I realized what it was that I needed to do, I needed to put my stamp on my house.  As cheesy as it sounds, I needed to make this house (after seven years of living in it) my home.

Yes, I’ve put up little decorations, filled the kitchen with my beloved chickens, set out some candles, the usual stuff, but I’ve never done anything beyond that, this weekend that changed.  I decided I don’t want my house to look like all the others, rather, I want it to look like mine.  What does that mean?  Well it means I’ll continue to look through blogs with the virtual home tours and be inspired, I’ll peruse my local home and garden store to see what I can use in my mission.  One thing I’ve had my eyes opened to from the blogs is using items for not just their intended use.  Who knew, right?  Apparently not me.

The first room to be transformed is the main floor bathroom.  It’s small so it won’t be a major task.  When Sip’N Dip was out last month I painted, and it got me all in the decorating mood.

DSC_0001I’ve never actually gone to a store looking for a decorative item with an actual idea in mind, however, I totally had a picture of what it was I was hunting, and this was it! DSC_0003I found these pictures while shopping on Black Friday with Poison Ivy.  She bought the exact same ones for her bathroom so I needed to do something a little different, hence the little shelf separating them.  I really like how it looks.

DSC_0004My bathroom only has a shower but I really wanted to add a shower curtain, it just seemed so “blah” with just the glass enclosure.  I just put it up last night so it’s still a little wrinkled, other than that, I think it fits perfectly into my “vision”.

Once I complete the frame for the mirror I will be done with this bathroom.  I’ll paint the frame tomorrow, let it dry overnight, then I’ll adhere it to the mirror using liquid nails.  That seems to be the way most of the tutorials on Pinterest did it.  Once it’s completed I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Off to go through more virtual home tours!!!  Happy decorating!!!


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