Leftovers, Bleh….

Last night Poison Ivy came over so we could do a little holiday celebrating in the kitchen.  So knowing that we would need a somewhat clean area to work I really didn’t want to make dinner, Thai food to the rescue.  Yummy food, easy clean-up pretty much equals perfect.

take out boxes

Normally, that would be the end of it, but last night we had a lot of leftovers and since I met Poison Ivy for a lunch play date today they didn’t get eaten for lunch.  So here we are at dinnertime with a large quantity of Thai food leftover.  Now I could just toss them and be done with it, but it just seems like such a waste, no, they will be consumed.  Here’s the deal, I’m not a fan of leftovers the majority of the time when it comes to dinner.  I love them for lunch, even breakfast, but for dinner I want something new.  So to satisfy my need to not waste the leftovers and also have something new I decided to add some sweet and sour pork to dinner.  Super easy, will make eating the Thai food so much better and I’ll have some food for tomorrow’s lunch…

sweet and sour pork 1

I love my recipe for sweet and sour sauce.  It can be used with pork, chicken, beef (crispy fried), and tofu.  No, it’s not a Thai dish, but in my house we go by my rules!!!  So now I’m good with eating the leftovers.  I didn’t make the amount I would if it were going to be the only dish served, I mean I really don’t want to have the leftover issue again tomorrow night, right?



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