I’m A Mom…

I’m a mom, not a superhero, nor a magician, no mystical powers here… But, I’m a mom and that trumps all of that.  No magic to help me, just the talents I bring to the table.  Do I sometimes fail, hell yes, do I have great successes, an even bigger hell yes!!!  My twinadoes are a product of our environment and my hubs and I take full responsibility for that fact, so we do what we can to make sure we unleash some decent humans upon the earth.  Right now, well… we acknowledge they are works in progress, but they are only three.

Mom is my favorite title I own, and I know how incredibly lucky I am to have it.  I suffered through infertility, but my story had a happy ending, which is not always the case.  That being said, I’m not perfect.  I get frustrated every single day, my patience is not always at it’s peak, and there are times when I just want to lock myself in a room…without the twinadoes.  Would I like to be happy on the ball never lose patience want to be around my kids 100% of the time mom, in theory, yes.  But I’m not.  And that’s ok.

On my Facebook page I had posted a link to one of my posts about Costco and how it can be a challenge to navigate with the twinadoes.  The response I got from one person really got to me.  She had mentioned how she suffered from infertility and would love to be having the issue of taking kids to the store and dealing with their meltdowns.  My first reaction was to bag my blog and Facebook, heck no did I want to put myself out there and get a negative response.  Then I took a breath and realized it’s ok to get feedback like that.  I survived, and kept going.  But it was just the slap that someone would be negative about me getting frustrated with the twinadoes and our trip to Costco, meaning my mothering skills, that made me realize I’m human and I know darn well I’m not the only one.

I will completely own my shortcomings with being a mom.  I know all I can do is to try again, learn from every incident, and keep trying to do my best.  Motherhood isn’t a competition, but I think a lot of the times it kind of becomes one.  How can we each one-up the other and show how we are better moms.  I did five activities today when you only did 4.  You feed your kids packaged cookies when mine only get organic fresh baked no sugar, gluten free treats.  My answer to that?  Whoopdieflippidydoo!!!  For me, the competition is over.  My main concern are those two wild twinadoes that I have been entrusted to raise, nurture and love.  No longer will I give a crap that you are doing more things, or your kid can count to 100 in seven different languages and mine just turned three and are not potty trained (we are working on it…).

I’m a mom.  My job is to do the best I can and be more concerned with what my children need and want.  So the next time I catch you glaring at me in the line because my kid is having a fit after I said no to candy, I’m going to glare right back at you with my “bring it bitch” look.  However, when I see you next week with the roles reversed, I’ll give you a smile and the “we’ve all been there” look.


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