Hawaiian Breakfast…Spamalicious

In this Real Housewife’s home we eat a variety of foods.  One day it might be pot roast and the next beef tongue, yup, that’s how I roll.  Tonight I was perusing the pantry and spied a can of Spam.  At first I thought of making Spam matsubi (if you haven’t had it, you must!!) and then I though of breakfast instead.  Seriously this couldn’t be any easier.  Spam, rice, eggs, and corn if you want (I always want).

For the Recipe:

1 can of Spam

cooked rice (I like to use calrose)




First, make some rice.  Next, fry the Spam so it gets a nice crust on it.  Don’t add oil to the pan, just the Spam or it will get all greasy and gross.


Once it has a nice crust, push it to the sides of the pan and cook your eggs.  Some people like them scrambled, but I prefer over easy.  While your egg is cooking put some rice in a bowl.

hawaiian breakfast

Serve the Spam and egg over the rice.

hawaiian breakfast corn

For me, I like to add corn.

Super simple and quite tasty.  I know, Spam… who woulda thought…



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