Gifts For Your Spouse?

Maybe it’s just me, and it probably is, but I find it so strange when I hear my friends/random people in the stores say “I hope my husband gets this for me for Christmas”.  My husband and I do not buy gifts for each other, the children, yes (probably too many actually).  I do get the whole putting effort into hunting down something your spouse/partner will absolutely love so they feel all warm and fuzzy, really I do.  However, for myself, I don’t need any extra stress of “what should I get him that will really say I care”.  I’m here when he gets home from work and haven’t run off with some rich old man = I care.  I try to make nice food that he will like = I care.  I think you get what I’m saying.

Do I need a gift from him to make me feel loved and cared for?  Hell no.  I know I am just by the way I’m treated every day.  If I want something, I buy it.  If he wants something he buys it.  When I buy bigger ticket items he will laugh and say “happy birthday” or “merry Christmas”, which I find funny.  It should be stated however, that my hubs does surprise me with random things throughout the year, sometimes as goofy as some Japanese green tea KitKats that he found on a business trip or some salt and vinegar chips that I mentioned I had been craving.  To me, that means more than a gift on my birthday or Christmas.

If I want to stress him out I can do much better than putting an expectation of the perfect gift.  So what are you all getting your spouses/partners?  hahaha


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