I’ve Got the Power….Tools That Is

Today was a first for me.  I went to my local home and garden store to pick up some bird food and white paint, but like most of my shopping trips I had to peruse and see what else they had that I might like.  The hardware store I shop is this cute family owned gem where they all greet you with smiles and warm hellos.  And their customer service?  Let’s just say I have never found a place with better.

As I was strolling, and I truly was strolling rather than doing my normal marathon sprint that is customary when shopping with the twinadoes since they were not with me, I remembered I needed a miter box.  So there I am looking at all the neat tools on that aisle when one of the helpful employees asks if I’m finding everything I need.  So I tell her I’m looking for a miter box to which she asks “what will you be using it for”.  Now I’m thinking, lady if you don’t know what I’m using it for you might want to be in a different department.  Quickly it becomes clear that she’s not asking what you do with a miter box, rather what will I be using it for.  I give her my little list of diy projects I would like to do and she gets this little grin on her face and tells me to follow her.  She brings me to a saw that looks a lot like the one The Furniture Whisperer let me borrow when I was making the bathroom mirror frame.  At first I’m thinking “no freaking way you batshit crazy lunatic”, but then she starts talking it up and saying how women really need to get more into power tools, which I totally agree.  Then I see the blade guard and I point out that the one I used didn’t have that.  She actually looked mortified and said that would make it incredibly dangerous.  So fast forward another 20 minutes and I’m almost sold on this hand amputater.  All I can think is how many projects I could do.  So after ogling it one more time I decide I need this.

dewalt box

Now I don’t have to just think about the projects….I can do them.  No, I better do them!!!  The clerk started chuckling and said she had never seen anyone get so excited over a miter saw, then she said she had never sold one to a woman in the 20 years she had been working in tool sales.  That really did surprise me, what’s wrong with us women?  We need power tools!!!

Before using The Furniture Whisperer’s saw I would never in a million years thought to use one and certainly not purchase one of my own.  But I did and I’m really excited.  Bring it on HGtv because I’m ready!!!


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