Finishing Up 2013

With less than two days left in 2013 I can’t help but look forward to 2014, but also look back over the past year.  As I reflect I think about how to make the coming year better.  Every new year is like a fresh start, wipe the slate clean, so to speak.  I think about my garden and what I’ll do differently to have a more successful growing season.  My blog and Facebook page, what I would like to post about and share.  My home, and how I would like to change the look, reorganize, de-clutter, etc… My friendships, making an effort to spend more time with the people that are truly important to me and less with those that are not.  Traveling, where I want to go, with and without my family.  Mothering, where I really excelled and where I, well, didn’t.  I kind of laugh when I hear people say they are “seasoned” mothers or when they refer to new moms as “inexperienced”.  If you think about it we are all pretty inexperienced, even those with multiple kids, since each day is a new experience.

New Year’s Resolutions are not for me, rather, I like to have a “to do” list of things I would like to accomplish.  This year I’m writing it down, laminating it and hanging it near my desk so I can see it everyday.  I love lists, always have, they are so helpful to me.  I have more notepads than you can imagine, I LOVE THEM!!!  No fancy electronics for me, just simple paper and pen…I’m old school like that.  Maybe some monthly updates on this list will be in order, maybe…




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