2014, Day One

raspberry bellinis

Hello 2014!!!  It’s January 1st, which means we all get a clean slate to start fresh, big hopes, grand ideas, good intentions, blah, blah, blah…  My hope for me and my family this year is getting back to basics, being thankful for what we have and truly enjoying it, taking care of ourselves and our home.  That’s pretty much it…  ha!!

Last year was a good year, but it just seemed like it was so crazy.  For me personally, I feel like I really was doing way too much, starting way too many projects that never got completed, not prioritizing what was important and just kind of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.  Of course I did get a lot done, but it just seemed like I didn’t stop and enjoy the efforts before moving on.  Not this year.

2014 todo list

This year I’ve made a “to do” list and I fully intend on keeping it.  I sat on the couch, twinadoes jumping all over me, and wrote a list of things tasks and ideas I wanted done in the coming year.  The list is completely doable, especially since it’s laminated!!  Ha!!  It will hang near my main desk so that I see it everyday.  One task at a time will be my goal since doing too many at once just didn’t work well last year.

To take it one step further, I will organize this list since some tasks really can’t be done in the middle of winter (amend the garden bed soil).  Once a month I will do a post on my progress, or lack of.  I’m hoping for more of the former.

Anyone else make a “to do” list for 2014?


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