Osechi Box

Osechi 3

New Year’s Eve we get an Osechi Box, a Japanese tradition for the New Year.  Originally, these boxes were filled with boiled vegetables with soy sauce and sugar/mirin.  It was taboo to cook for the first three days of the new year so these boxes would be assembled before the end of the year to last for those first three days.  What is put into the boxes has changed and can include many different things, each ingredient having a different meaning.

Osechi 1 (1) Osechi 7 Osechi 6

This year we were a little forgetful and forgot to order in time from our normal place, so this was our last minute order.  Though it was still beautiful and delicious, I will mark on my calender for next year in order to get our normal Osechi box.

I enjoy including traditions from other cultures into my celebrations.  Sharing things, like the Osechi box, with the twinadoes, though they are not too keen on most of the foods yet, is important to me.  I want them to know about more than just 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas (yes I know we have more).  Besides, it also means we get to do a lot more celebrating in the TRHS home…



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