My “Office”


This little nook is my primary “office”.  It’s located near the back stairs, but right off the kitchen, so it’s not very private.  It goes through phases, clean, dirty, ridiculously semi-hoarderish.  This, as well as my desk upstairs,  was one of the items on my “2014 To Do List”.  I want to make it more workable as well as make it cute.

I’m totally addicted to those “Home Tours” on the diy blogs I follow.  Those women are cray cray with how they keep things so organized and adorable looking.  Although, one of them fessed up that her home looks like the picture until her family comes home.  I knew it!!!!  That being said, I still want to do something about this little issue (I’ll attempt the upstairs desk after this has been completed) of my ugly corner.  I think I need some eye pleasing storage cube things and some colorful decorations.  Guess I better start scouring the blogs for ideas….



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