Ode To My Twinadoes

Farewell 2013,

it came and it went

The babies are now toddlers,

and I’m mentally spent

You should see all the colors,

on my carpets and walls

Thanks to Crayola and Sharpie,

the Twinadoes had a ball

Why do I call them that?

I have a good reason.

Living with these two,

is like perpetual tornado season

Oliver my monkey,

with eyes so blue

Four pounds and four inches,

is what he grew

He talks and talks,

with so much to say

But you better watch out,

if he doesn’t get his way

He screams and he throws,

and makes a big fuss

Life becomes miserable,

for the rest of us

Trucks are his favorite,

he can’t get enough

With clothes we still don’t bother,

for he prefers in the buff

I treasure his sweet kisses,

each and every day

Oh how I love him,

what more can I say

She’s stubborn she’s stinky,

she’s sweet and she’s silly

Who am I speaking?

of course it’s my Lily

Her eyes are so beautiful,

I could look at them forever

They’re just like my dad’s

And this I so treasure

Always growing and growing,

she’s never the same

Six pounds and three inches

Have been added to her frame

When she marks up my walls,

the pen goes to the left

A southpaw like mama,

my mini me was blessed

This girl, my daughter,

I’ve loved from the start

And will do so forever,

beyond the last beat of my heart

The year 2014,

I’m sure will bring more

Growing and skills,

plus laughter galore

They’ll play in the rain,

and bask in the sun

Each and every day,

I’ll be there for the fun


2 thoughts on “Ode To My Twinadoes

  1. The kids will treasure this all their lives. My mom wrote a (shorter) ditty about me when I was around 8, and I laminated a copy to carry in my wallet forever.

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