Laundry Room Clean-Up 2014

The laundry may be clean, but the room isn’t!!!  As part of my “2014 To-To List” I am cleaning one room a month for the year, and we are starting it off with the laundry room.  I don’t have the largest laundry room, but it seems to do the job.  What it also does, collects crap!!

DSC_0234[1] DSC_0235[1]

I walked into the room and took two pics, no doing a quick tidy to lessen the blow.  Wow, my neighbor sure looks close in the second picture, thankfully, it’s just the picture.

The goal is to organize all the cleaning products.  Get rid of stuff that I really don’t need/use.  Deal with the shoe issue that happens no matter how many times we put them in the closet (that’s seriously right across the hall) it just goes back to this.

Eventually, I would like to install some cabinets over the washer/dryer and sink.  I think it would actually be an inexpensive and quick job to do.  Maybe I’ll tackle that this summer.

My advice when you start cleaning a room, don’t stop!!  I’ve started so many projects that I never finished simply because I wandered off “for just a second”.  Yes, there were the interruptions that cannot be helped, diapers that need to be changed, tummies that need to be fed, a book that someone just can’t wait to read, but other than that it was all business.

In total this took about 2 hours to complete.  You wouldn’t think it would take that long, but I wanted to do the job right, put things away rather than tuck away to be dealt with later.


You can’t really tell, but the shelf did get cleared a bit, but it is what it is….


This plant has been there for over a year, every time I see it I say “I really need to put you in a pot”.  It originally was this little start I received from a friend several years ago.  For the longest time it wouldn’t grow, then all of a sudden it just went cray cray.  Unfortunately, the twinadoes were very intrigued by this plant and broke it off.  I couldn’t just throw the broken piece out, instead I stuck it in this bucket with some water.  And it thrived!!  I’m kind of liking it in the laundry room…

So I can now check off another to do on my list.  Anyone else started checking items off lists they made?


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