The Knives Have It

There is no doubt that I love my kitchen gadgets, utensils, appliances, etc., in fact, I think I’m addicted to acquiring new kitchen items.  Just ask the hubs…  One item I think every cook needs….good knives.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve offered to cook in other people’s kitchens only to find knives that make me cringe.  Yes, I’m sure you thought it was a great deal to get a butcher block full of knives for $29.99 at some discount store, but they suck!!!  Not only are they pieces of junk, but in my opinion, you end up spending more replacing them so often that they end up being more expensive than buying a couple nice knives to begin with.  No need to run out and buy a butcher block full of knives, try a nice chef’s knife to start.  Not everyone needs a zillion knives, but I do!!

People that I would cook for often I would gift a nice knife, there are a few ex-boyfriends running around this world with much better knives thanks to me.  After using a quality knife most were amazed at the difference.

Which brings me to the reason for my rambling…  One of my favorite stores was having a sale on a few select Shun knives that I had been eyeing but didn’t want to pay full price (I really don’t like paying full price for anything!) so I decided to head in and see how they felt.  My little tip, do not buy a knife over the internet without having felt it in your hand first.  There are a lot of different factors that can make a knife work or not work for you that you need to experience by holding it and feeling it in your hand.  What looks great on the computer might not feel right in your hand, making it a useless piece.

Currently I have a set of J.A. Henckels knives that I love.  I love how they feel in my hand and how well they cut through everything.  But they are a heavier knife so it makes it surprising that I really love the feel of the Shun knives, since they are not as bulky feeling.  They are lighter and feel so much more airy, I know, strange way to describe.  There are different Shun knives, Classic, Kaji, Hiro, Fuji, and a few others sold at Williams-Sanoma, some feel heavier than others so don’t take my word that they all feel light and airy, like I said before, hold it in your own hand.

DSC_0257[1] DSC_0258[1]

I started with the Nakiri and the Santoku, and I can tell you they won’t be my last.  I’ll keep my J.A. Henckels, but I’ll add another block and fill it with my new favorite Shun knives.

These knives are definitely approved by The Real Housewife of Suburbia!!


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