Start the Garden Early?

Last year I turned my dining room into an indoor greenhouse.  I used the dining room table plus added a fold-up table to set the grow lights.  Seriously, it got a little cray cray, ok not a little a lot!!  But it was really fun, albeit a little messy, and it meant losing that room for about six months.  However, it’s not like that is a room we use anyway.  So I’m currently trying to decide if I want to do that again this year.

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What I do know is I won’t go so wild with the tomatoes.  I had over 150 tomato starts, but I wasn’t sure what their survival rate would be and didn’t want to end up with nothing.  I kept a garden journal in the beginning then slacked off, but what I do have written down will help me this year.

I could always do it on a much smaller scale, maybe only use the dining room table and not bring in the second table.  I could also use the outdoor kitchen to house some of the grow lights.

My seed packets are calling me…so far I’ve avoided them because I know once I get them out there’s no turning back.  One thing I did last year was to save seeds from several of my plants.  I’ve been growing some of the cilantro and parsley in the outdoor kitchen, but I’m curious about some of the other ones.

Of course I’ll do the usual, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, and a variety of greens, but I also like to do root vegetables and a few others.  Uuugghh, now I think I better go and at least look at my seeds…..


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