My First Pinterest Project

Pinterest is like crack, once you start you just can’t stop!!  I know that if I have even a small glimpse of an idea in my head I can look on Pinterest and there will be the full on idea times a hundred.  So many creative and crafty people out there, unfortunately I’m not one of them so I borrow their ideas.  This beverage cart was one such idea.

There’s a zillion blogs on diy projects, and I swear I’ve looked at them all.  One consistency with about 90% of them is this neat little thing they do called a “home tour”.  They basically take pictures of every room of their house to show you how creatively they’ve decorated with all their diy projects.  Well, being the total voyeur that I am I am addicted to these virtual home tours.  It was on one such tour that I spied the beverage cart idea, taking a changing table and repurposing it for this use.

I did not run out and buy a new changing table, no sir!!  I simply looked on Craigslist to find a plethora of choices.  Some were ridiculously priced, and luckily, others were not.  There was no way I was paying a lot of money for something that could turn out horribly and I would want to toss.  I believe I paid about $40 for this one, the cost of the paint was more expensive than the table!


I figured this would be a quickie project, but of course I hit a few bumps in the road along the way.  That’s okay though, I’ve learned for my next one.


For my inspiration I used this placemat that I purchased at World Market (love that place).  I took it with me to my local “do-it” center, aka my favorite garden/hardware store to find some spray paint that matched the colors.


I couldn’t believe how spot on the colors ended up being.  I did buy paint in a can for the wine/purple color.


The gold paint was actually a pain to work with.  It didn’t adhere to the shelves very well, even with primer.   I ended up using about  four cans of the stuff to finally achieve what I wanted.


Only to change my mind for the top shelf…..


I had originally wanted to just do the lip of each shelf in the purple color, but it just didn’t seem like enough color so I did the entire top shelf.  There went all that hard work getting that gold color to stay!!!  After a few coats I let it dry and coated with a top coat.


I’ve ordered some glass to go on each shelf, it will look better and also be a protective layer against spills and other mishaps.  Also, the glass will give the shelves a little more strength, not that I’ll be putting really heavy things on them, but you never know.  A little tip about this when picking out your perfect changing table, some of the shelves on these tables can be stronger than others.  Of the two I’ve purchased, this one has the weaker shelves, they are thinner and bow inward under less pressure.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my results.  I’ve purchased another changing table just a little different than this one as well as one that is more like a dresser.  Both are on my growing list of projects…


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